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For those who never settle for less, there is always an opportunity to find a better, a more exciting solution. It is always possible to create something more efficiently, to a higher standard. In our world real advancements are brought to life by this attitude.

Dembell is one of those advancements.
Gábor Filó
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Luxury motorhome

 built without compromise
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High standards
One exterior design with variable interior layouts and garage sizes to suit different needs. We keep our list of extras short. Each of our models gets all the high class solutions, already built in as standard. Unlike other motorhomes, this

luxury RV

comes with a unique, 5 year warranty.

Luxury RV

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A real gentleman is characterized by sporty and relaxed elegance. Just like golfers are. They do not play on the field wearing suits, yet they are extremely elegant.
on the road
The first real luxury land yacht
After years of persistent development and construction we developed a

high-end motorhome

with the comfort of a luxury yacht and with engineering and design innovations, all unique to the market.  Our aim is to become the benchmark in the

luxury RV

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We dared to create a new experience: land yachting was born. We build a

high-end motorhome

for people who aim to enjoy the quality and comfort of modern luxury yachts but with one large difference: they want to experience it on land.
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Luxury motorhome from Dembell
The exterior
and loose elegance
We created a unique exterior design with sleek, unbroken surface with the paintwork as beautiful as possible. We hide all of the protruding parts, the hinges, handles and windows. As a trademark, Dembell red colored stripes run on the sides of our

luxury motorhome

, which comes with a special color-matched, Dembell edition Vespa and Smart.
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A yacht like interior
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High end RV interior from Dembell
While designing the interior of this

high end RV

we had one ultimate goal: to create comfortable, easy-to-use spaces with premium materials and smart solutions throughout the vehicle.
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People centric
Innovative technical solutions
We use deeply deliberate and modern technical constructions from both an engineering and a user point of view. We also dared to introduce several technical innovations.
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