„There are those, who are brooding on the past and those, who look into the future trying to find solutions.„

We respect traditional values, but constantly keep our eyes open for new things and solutions. We like breaking away from conventions because our passion is fueled by the questioning of the usual, researching, experimenting and trying out all the possible solutions out there.

Our story

The idea of a unique, high-end luxury motorhome born from unfulfilled needs of an ambitious car racer. Spending most of his time in RVs, he realized the shortcomings of existing models. Oldschool design and technical solutions butchered the experience in otherwise high-end vehicles.

The founder of Dembell was a character who really went all the way if something occurred to him. Driven by his inquisitive nature, he soon examined all available luxury motorhomes in Europe, but ultimately found the innovations he was looking for in another segment, in the world of luxury yachts.

Gabor Filo / managing director

Dembell’s motorhomes break away from outdated conventions, experiment with brand new solutions, even advancing customer needs. Casual elegance, sophisticated, refined, timeless design with the most seamless look possible hides high- standard, ground-breaking technical solutions, unique in the world of motorhomes.

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