Model with large garage

This model – planned to introduce to the market 2022 - is currently in production, under development.

It is for travellers who are passionate about their cars, but don’t want to give up comfort either. Not only there is enough space in the garage for cars 4 meters long,  but the bedroom above it remains comfortable too. The size of the garage may be increased upon individual request.
Chassis and body
Our models are built on Mercedes Benz Actros Gigaspacewith all the existing extras.
Three slide outs in the lounge, the kitchen and the bedroom
Large garage with enough space for cars 4 meters long.
Dembell Side Storage



We keep our extra list short. Each of our model gets all the high class equipment that we use as standard.
The storage compartments are illuminated and temperature-controlled to save their contents from freezing.
The most beautiful finish possible
To make the finish as beautiful as possible, the side of the car has been covered with a 9.5 m long aluminum plate.
Solar panels
The central element our own smart electrical system – an 8 kW inverter – is capable of current uptake from multiple sources, not just from the external connectors, the batteries and the generator, but also from the solar panels on the roof.
Safe steps
the steps of the stairs have been fitted with edge lights and aluminium edge protectors, and their height and width are uniform everywhere
Carry multiple cars or even a boat on your trip
a 3.5-ton towing capacity towbar can also be ordered for the motorhome
Electric awning
Electric awning up to 6,3 x 3,5 meters integrated in the side wall of the vehicle with automatic wind sensor and without outrigger leg.
Real glass windows
The large, opening and thermally insulated windows of the motorhome are made from original glass, and can be opened.
Choose a colour that fits your style

Colour options

Choose your motorhome’s unique color and favorite hue from the best paints available in the market! The clearcoat layer of the paintwork is applied using a dry technology, resulting in a total coating thickness of 250-350 microns. If you choose a metallic color, it will be applied in three coats, sprayed on a basecoat. If you choose nacreous coating as an extra, one pearl-colored layer will be sprayed on three basecoats. At the end of the process, four layers of clearcoat are used to cover both versions, applied in two times two layers, with sanding in-between and one-day drying time.
Select premise
Select colour
Dembell Side Storage

Three amazing

colour choices

Light, classic or dark? Choose the one it fits you the best.


Comfortable seats
The cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis includes all the existing extras, like the four separate air-conditioned carseats with built-in air spring system to ensure comfort and prevent fatigue. Also, built-in massage function for a quick refreshment at any time for all passengers.

The last two rows of seats are in-house developments; all of them can be rotated using mechanisms developed in accordance with all applicable safety regulations. In a stationary position, they serve as two additional comfortable seats in the lounge. The seats have been upholstered using prime-quality leather.
Ergonomic design
For the best possible ergonomics, unique upholstered plastic parts have replaced all elements except the door and the dashboard.
Calm sleep
A queen size bed (1.6x2m) with reading lamps and power sockets allows the children or any guests to sleep in comfort. It is available in all models, with a smart solution: an electronic elevator to put it in its place.

Silent, electrical heating without a fan has been built into the roof, which can be regulated using a local thermostat, constantly ensuring a pleasant temperature for those sleeping in here.

Lounge area

A space to live
The table is at a fixed location, but its height is adjustable, depending on whether we wish to use it as a coffee table or a dining table.
Generous dimensions
With a unique innovation the floor level is the same in the entire vehicle with an internal height of 2.05 meters. The two slide outs increase the available space by 50 cm on the left and 75 cm on the right. Thanks to the inflatable seals, the interior is completely water and airtight, keeping it free of drafts even during strong winds.
At least one window can be opened in every room, and all of them are thermally insulated. All windows are equipped with blinds, and the opening windows are fitted with mosquito nets. If required, the blinds and the mosquito nets can also be operated electrically. The roof window is likewise thermally insulated and is equipped with electrical blinds.

An opening variant is also available upon request. The lights are dimmable. The doors and drawers of the cabinets are fitted with automatic locks, which lock automatically when the vehicle is started.
The highest image and sound quality
The model with side storage also includes a 50” 4K television. The best sound quality is provided by the Bose or Harman Kardon sound system.
Premium materials
The floor is wood, the furniture is veneered, the sofa is upholstered in leather or beautiful fabrics.


The elegance of the kitchen is ensured by the Miele kitchen appliances and smart solutions like a tap that can be recessed into the kitchen counter.


The highest comfort
The shower and the washbasin compartment may be separated or may open into single room.

Thanks to one of the largest (1000 liter) automatically filling water tanks available in the market, there are no worries about water running out while showering. The built-in UV antibacterial water purification system ensures you can even drink from the stored water safely.

The 460-liter greywater tank and the 400-liter blackwater tank are among the largest in the market. Both are heated and thermally insulated, saving the water from freezing even in winter.
Exclusive equipments
and a large shower area
The bathroom’s design reflects the atmosphere of a real home. The shower cabinet has a comfortable size, and the pressure of the running water is like that of utility water.

The coverings of the bathroom are made of stone.
The sink and the toilet are ceramic. The Miele washing machine and dryer are also part of the model with side storage
Heating system
An automatically regulated towel drying radiator has also been installed in the bathroom besides the underfloor heating. Thanks to this, a warm towel awaits the passengers after showering every morning.


Everything for convenience
A 1.8x2m double bed with bed linen and storage underneath and a 50-inch television. Large wardrobes with hanging part and drawers for all your baggage, clothes and apparel.
Central heating system
Central heating system with local thermostat: underfloor and radiator heating, even supplemented with surface-heated side and skylight windows.
Get some rest
The blinds of the electrically opening window, fitted with blinds and a mosquito net, can fully block external light. The window on the roof is heated and is also equipped with an electric shade, and an openable design is also available upon request.

Our other models

Model with side storage
Feel free to take your motorbike, quad or bicycle in the side storage and explore the neighbourhood on two wheels. A space utilization and layout allowing you to furnish your motorhome most flexible ways.
Motorhomes with garage from Dembell
Model with small garage
Explore nearby cities in luxurious comfort! This model is the best compromise: easy to furnish and able to carry a small and practical car like a Smart without taking up any space from the bedroom above it.
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